Weekend in pictures

My sister came up for the weekend.
I think it was the funnest conference weekend by far.
Probably because in between glorious spiritual enrichment we squeezed in some:

1. laser tagging
2. jamba juice running
3. apple picking
4. pumpkin picking
5. tennis competing
6. pumpkin decorating (much superior to pumpkin carving)
7. delicious food making (we perfected the waffles earlier discussed)
8. lots of feasting, spiritual & otherwise

It was the very best of weekends.
Katelyn makes everything funner when she is around.
Turned out it was the perfect combination of everything good & delightful.
Gorgeous weather, spiritual talks, creative outlets, good food, & lots of family time.
We even snuck some cleaning in there, for good measure.


  1. You girls are so cute! What fun! Those pictures make me long to be there!

    Also, I LOVE the music video in your previous post. I've never seen it, but its got some kind of enchanting/fascinating quality that makes me love it!

  2. Fun weekend! I love that you made ham/pickle rolls! Whenever I make them no one knows what they are. They are super delicious!! That's what!
    Oh and is that bacon with peaches and whip cream? I need to try it if it is!

  3. Leah!!!! I loved your weekend. I'm so glad I got to take small part in it. I'm not going to lie... I may or may not have a giant bruise on my arm from our laser tag night, hahaha. It was getting pretty intense in there ;). I loved that I got to know your sister. She was so fun and you guys have such a great relationship. Can't wait to make those waffles, they look incredible.

  4. That weekend looks like perfection. You girls are adorable :)

  5. Leah how do you post the collage of pictures on your blog. I love that idea and want to copy it if that's okay?


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