Extending the life of a sweater - part 1

See this pile of old sweaters here?
I picked them up for mere dollars a piece at the local thrift store.
And I have been breathing new life into them one project at a time.
The goal I originally had in mind was to recover some of our very old and very worn throw pillows.
One of which may or may not have been falling apart at the seams thanks to some ikea-quality fabrication. But so many other ideas kept floating through my brain that I had to share the wealth and spread these bad boys around a little.
For now, I present to you sweater project number one...
Throw Pillows!

They were so easy, and are nowhere near perfect, but I find them delightful!
Sadly, I am a very impatient sewer (my grandma would be so ashamed) and so I rarely mark, pin, or measure anything. I am more of a looks about right sort of seamstress, and I am using that word extremely liberally. So I just put a pillow right up against the sweater, and marked with blue chalk what appeared to be about an inch-wide border along the perimiter. Then I cut, and then I sewed.

And Voila! Old pillows saved! 
Completely worth the effort since these two were down-filled.
Down-pillows always look as puffy as the day they were bought. I really love that about them!
So they are completely worth the extra expense in my books. 
Although Ryan says they poke him. 
(I kept the old coverings on underneath to create more protective barrier against prickly feather quills)
Prickling quills aside, these new pillows came at the price of just $4!
A happy price to pay, especially considering the $50 alternative.

I'm thrilled because they are perfectly neutral, which means they can hold up to any season. 
Light and bright enough for spring and summer when it's sweltering, 
yet soft, warm & fuzzy for the seemingly endless fall and winter months we get in these parts.
Also, I am completely besotted by anything knitted. 
Better, of course, if its hand knitted, but since I don't knit I find my ways of precuring such indulgences.
I love the look, I love the feel, I love the homey-ness.
I kind of just want to smash my face in them, they are so soft and comfy!


  1. So CUTE! I plan on making my Christmas stockings out of old sweaters too.

  2. I want to squish my face in them too :) I love reading your blog. You are amazing, awesome, creative, and full of life. Just like on our missions. Wish we were neighbors.

  3. That white sweater looks like a little piece of heaven. I love it! Such a great idea, Leah!

  4. They really are the coziest little pillows ever! Feel free to come squish your faces In them anytime. :) @Michelle, I wish we were neighbors too. What fun we would have!


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