a thankful weekend

As far as thanksgivings go this one offered up a whole lot to be thankful for. 
There was feasting, and game-playing, and visiting with family.
We went bowling, and tasted pies, and walked beneath the christmas lights at temple square.
It was a weekend of late nights and late mornings.
And even an intense family workout to make us feel better about it all. 
And then of course more feasting, more games, and more visiting & laughing with family.
We feel especially lucky because it's our second thanksgiving of the year, the first being back in October,
when we celebrated Canadian thanksgiving in Canada.
So two thanksgivings a year? Just another of about a billion things to be thankful for.

Canadian Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving U.S. Style:


  1. YAHOO for two thanksgivings!!! Looks like fun!

  2. So fun to get to do both Thanksgivings this year! I love it. Your pictures are so beautiful and tell the story so well. It looks like fun!

  3. Oh it really was, so-so much fun!


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