Galentines Day

Yeah, it's a thing.
It's kind of like Valentines day, but for the girls.
Here, I'll just let Leslie Knope explain.

And just like Leslie Knope, I think it should be a national holiday.
Not enough days to celebrate friendship if you ask me.
Although I have always been of the mind that V-day is a celebration of all loves, including that of the friendship-y kind.
But this year we are making it officially official!
So, happy galantines day all!
We will be commemorating with at-home spa treatments and tasty edibles.


  1. Ha! When I got your message in the invite, I was like, "GALENTINE'S DAY?! Like on Parks and Rec?!" Totally so excited. And then so sad. Wish I could come. I will miss you guys! Make sure to bring up how awesome I am, and then say something about Amanda Bynes and it will be like I was there... Love you!

  2. Wish you could have come too, I can't wait for when you guys move back to Logan!


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