Breakfast this Morning.

I have tried quinoa prepared in a lot of different ways -- my dad even puts it in his multi-grain pancakes and in stuffing -- but this morning was my first time attempting quinoa as a breakfast cereal.
I used this recipe, threw in some flax & topped it with blueberries, 
brown sugar, and chopped pecans.
At first I wasn't so sure about quinoa as porridge, 
because it just doesn't compare to the more traditional and always delicious oatmeal.
At first bite I was thinking it was just okay, but by the end of my bowl I was sold -- acquired taste perhaps?!
I think I'll even work this into the breakfast rotation.

** The best thing you can do for quinoa is rinse it thoroughly, otherwise it will taste bitter & gross.

Did you know it's not a grain?

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  1. Yum! Dad has been putting it in to cook with his oatmeal on occasion. It is such a healthy way to start the day. Love the bowl. Love the table cloth. Love you.


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