Gee Officer Krupke

Hey sibs, do you guys remember that one day when we spent the better part of the morning with this song (from the westside story soundtrack) on repeat?
Memorizing all the lyrics and working out what I can only imagine was some stunning choreography, but really no one could make it through without fits of laughter?
And so we spent hours like that, on the floor laughing our guts out and acting the parts of juvenile delinquents while chortling through lines like: "hey, I'm depraved on account I'm deprived!", "my grandpa is a commie, my grandma pushes tea", and "Gloriosky! that's why I'm a jerk."
Which all led up to the glorious finale being belted out while on our knees, in begging position. 
Only to start it all over again, from the top.
And then we even made mom and dad come be witness to our shenanigans.
I think they chuckled, but nothing compared to our tear-inducing, gut-wrenching, I-can't-breath sort of laughter that only seemed to increase with each subsequent rehearsal.
That was a funny day!
I love this kind of incessant sibling laughter that has (thank heavens) carried on into adulthood. 

Also, happiest of birthdays to you my brother Peter!


  1. o my gosh!! this just gave me the best giggle of the day. that morning was hilarious... we weren't even that young either. i think i was 13 or 14. i really wish someone had gotten that on tape... oh man thank you for posting that. what madness :)

  2. So hilarious, and no, we were not young at all!! That's the best part!


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