On a daily basis I jot down to-do lists accompanied by boxes in which to place a checkmark upon completion.
I love putting checkmarks in those little boxes! 
Even my grocery lists have boxes.
For something so inconsequential it sure packs a punch in the feel-good department. 
Checkmarks provide a tiny yet tangible affirmation of seemingly minor daily accomplishments.
This system makes even the most mundane and inconsequential of tasks feel significant, legitimate, substantial.
Make the bed? check. Job well done!
Morning Prayers? check. Pat on the back!
8 glasses of water? Bully for you!
Daily shower? check. You deserve a prize!
See what I mean? 
I love it! I'm a list-making junky and I don't care who knows it!!
Yesterday, to feed my habit, I created a little to-do template which I can print out.
It includes all of my dailies as well as room for my daily top 5 absolute must-do priorities.
It's such a treat to have a checklist that is tailor made to reflect my daily goals.

This is a blank copy, but mine has all those lines filled out with details.

My first inclination was to print and laminate only one copy and reuse it using white board markers.
You know, to keep it earth friendly. 
But you see, I value far to much the feeling of putting pen to paper to really part with it. 
Instead I will print these out smaller (two to a sheet) and keep them at hand using a little method I am enormously excited about. 
Details forthcoming.


  1. Leah,

    Can you make this printable, plan out my day and see that I do it? At four children I feel like I have become incredibly lazy this winter. I do love a great check list and this one is beautiful.


  2. Ha! Done! I am sure with four children it is virtually impossible to ever become incredibly lazy, but there is a printable checklist now included, so feel free to use it if you think it will help. :)


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