Weekends are my Favorite


These days I am lucky if I see my husband for an hour or two at night. It is his last (and busiest) semester of grad school. He works 40 hours a week. And he has a county internship that includes teaching weekly classes at the local jail. He is the definition of busy. So when weekends roll around, which weekends tend to do, we try to pack a lot into our Friday evenings, 1/2 day Saturdays (afternoons are all homework), and Sundays.

We saw extremely loud and incredibly close, which at one point made me cry and at every point had me in complete awe of this actor. And we splurged on popcorn and that throwback-to-childhood un-carbonated orange drink. We lunched at Tandoori oven, which has the most delicious Indian food I have ever tasted. You just have to ignore the fact that it is housed inside a gas station. Their coconut vegetable curry is my favorite. And their Kheer is cardamom infused perfection. We always try to locate in the booths at the back because they are cozy.

We had every intention of walking there and making an adventure of it, but we nearly froze to death and were forced to turn back and get the car. This in no way deterred us from attempting a short walk afterward. Again we were thwarted. A drive up the canyon was the obvious alternative. We spotted geese. I made Ryan pull over. These pictures in no way do justice to the reality of the cold. But still no snow to speak of.

We taught our rowdy but completely loveable five year olds in primary. Where we alternate between attempting to teach appropriate church behavior and laughing uncontrollably. How else can you respond when one of your kids raises his hand for nearly 10 minutes during singing time and then when finally is called on by a worn down chorister blurts out in what can most likely be documented as the fasting talking pace ever that he once witnessed an easter bunny poop and it was jelly beans?

We spent an afternoon on our sofa planning our future and relishing the fact that we get to share it together. But then our tummies were growling. So I made cornmeal crusted chicken with creamy curry, anna potatoes, carrots and beans. Ryan cleaned the bathroom and did laundry. Then we ate. And talked some more. And he did the dishes while I cleaned the office. All this and we still got to bed before 10:30. There are certain times when life seems pretty near perfect. This weekend was one of them.


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