Spa Night

This night felt like a flashback to high school when getting ready was an event in and of itself.
You know, when you'd invite over girlfriends, play music, and there would be tons of product everywhere, and never enough mirrors, and overall chaos - but in the very best kind of way.
And it always turned out to be even funner than the party or the dance or whatever it was you were getting ready for in the first place. And afterwards you'd all schlep home again and spend the night together talking well into the wee hours of the morning, and this too would trump whatever you had spent the evening doing.
Those conversations about everything and nothing.
That was basically how our galentines spa night played out.
Which begs the question, why are we not doing this more regularly?
Also, the delicious food didn't hurt. 


  1. This looks incredible! I love this idea, maybe next year I will try to pull one off. (although the execution will be no comparison!)

  2. and a happy Galentine's it was. Now that we're both going to be living here forever, let's make this an annual tradition.

  3. oh leah, i'm moving back to logan, i just decided. ( i hate missing out on the genious parties of my dear friend and neighbor.) miss you gals, so much!

  4. How fun!! and i am sooo jealous. i sooo needed a galentines night! Miss you!


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