Valentines Day - Feb 15th

We decided to push our Valentines celebration back a day. 
(Ryan worked late and I nursed a sore throat on the actual holiday.)
So last night was our romantic fondue for two. 
We ate and laughed and talked from the comfort of our living room floor.
And good heavens, if it wasn't the best fondue I have ever tasted!
Every morsel was heavenly.
And clearly we had way too much food so we now have tons of leftovers, and they are making a come back as both lunch and dinner today - lucky us!
Our favorite was some of the unlikelies: apples & steak in the swiss cheese fondue.
Just look at the melty-ness!
Nothing can be this melty and not also be equally delicious, I am fairly certain on this point.

Also making an appearance in the day was a darling little V-day package from my mother. (thank you mother!)
Some little blooms left over from our spa day.
A red heart balloon & the tickets I got Ryan for a ride we'll be taking come our anniversary in March. 
And the massage he secretly got me even though it was meant to be a low-key and inexpensive year for gifts. 
He is such a turkey that way, but I secretly love it!

Our bulletin board with a few valentines-y additions.
Including the only mildly worse for wear heart banner from last year

Next time you make chocolate fondue, promise me you will try this recipe: (adapted from here - and so good it will make you cry.)

2 cups guittard milk chocolate chips 
(It absolutely has to be guittard! These are the superhero, superhuman, hybrid, superpower brand of chocolate chips that will make you feel like you have been wasting your life if you are using anything else. Trust me on this, I have spent my life tasting chocolate.)
1 cup cream
1 t sugar
1 t postum (or powdered coffee for coffee drinkers)
(This won't make it taste coffee flavored, just ultra rich and decadent and sinful, and all proper chocolate tastes sinful!)
1 t vanilla - the good stuff. 

Heat the cream first on low heat, melt in the chocolate, then add everything else once it is as smooth as butter. 
This is especially good when eaten with cream puffs, I assure you.


  1. Yum! Yum! Yum!
    You make me feel a tad sluggish. Who makes their meals look like this? it is crazy! And deliciously amazing.

  2. Holy cow. This is gorgeous. Looks yummo too!

  3. It was beyond delicious, makes me wonder just why we don't fondue more often.


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