Birthday Calendar

This last August I turned 30. 
And because that is a big number my sisters, mom, and I took a big trip
We went to Mexico and vacationed birthday style. 
It was heavenly, to say the least.
But that trip is not the reason for this post. 

Before that trip I made them each a birthday calendar as a pre/post 30th birthday present.
It was really just a fantastic excuse to finally make and use one myself. 

 the calendars were wrapped using kraft paper, ribbon, and tags.
yes, even mine. 
the beautiful water color art was used courtesy of this free downloadable calendar
and then I added the months to the image and the dates beneath.
only you must now imagine that all these months are dotted with birthdays,
because that's how it looks now that it is all filled out after last night.
here it is hanging alongside our calendar in the office.
they seem to be very happy together.

Being better at remembering and celebrating birthdays even made my resolutions 2012 list.
In our case this involves a lot of planning and forethought, because we have beautifully large families.
So I have requested dates and years for family members (friends are being added) and have finally updated this birthday calendar.
Until now it has been hanging in our office looking pretty but underused.
No longer!
Now I have every intention of being a birthday-remembering ninja.

And on the topic of birthdays, I am wishing a very happy 5th one to my darling niece Avery!

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