A Blustery Day

Logan is located at the mouth of a canyon and our row of townhouses is nestled right up next to it.
Our town home is on the very end and right on top of a hill that overlooks the entire northwest side of the valley.
This makes for some incredibly beautiful views, especially at sunset.
But it also occasionally makes for some terribly windy conditions.
It's hard to capture wind in pictures, but the effects of it are everywhere.
The sky is a sheet of white with tiny snow specks moving upwards and sideways as much as they are coming down.
Our outdoor pillows are everywhere.
It's blowing so hard our wreath is scratching at the door as it gets blown about and every once in a while there's a bang when the rocking chair out back hits our sliding door.
I can even hear the wind gusting through our vents and feel a little draft every time it does.
So I am hunkering down with some left over Indian food and watching the bachelor on hulu.
Eventually I will catch up on some little projects around here.


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