What we did with our Weekend

Saturday was St. Patricks day.
We celebrated with our traditional Irish feast
I wore green, Ryan did not.
Guess which one of us is sporting pinch sized bruises today.

We also snuck burritos into this movie Friday night.
Burritos are the perfect sneak-in movie theatre food. 
They are individually wrapped and self contained.
And there is nothing crunchy or loud about them to give you away.
The burritos were great, the movie was good.
When a movie has such low reviews I usually end up liking it a lot better than I think I will.
Have you seen it?

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  1. I haven't seen that movie. But, I went to the movies 3 weeks ago with my sister-in-law and snuck a jamba juice in my purse. I was so scared it will spill all over but I held my purse perfectly still and all was well. I love your St. Patty's day feast. Looks Delish.


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