Dirty Laundry

Today is laundry day.
Even with just two people it's incredible just how much dirty laundry we can create over the course of a week.
And our dryer gets really hot. Really, really quite hot.
As in if you accidentally touch skin to metal immediately after the dryer has stopped you will most likely be the unhappy recipient of 2nd or even 3rd degree burns.
On the plus side, if you take that laundry and pile it on top of you while watching t.v., the towels will insulate you with heat and will keep you infinitely toasty. Or at least for a few solid hours anyways.
Not that this theory has been tested recently or anything.

On another note, if you live in Utah and in need of some cuteness, you should adopt this monkey.
For free no less. 
I tried everything in my power to convince Ryan that this was a good idea for us and would prove to be an incredibly selfless and life-altering decision. 
He agreed, but not in a good way. He said he would rather have a kid. 
I told him he could pretend it was our offspring and we could raise him to think he was human and teach him sign language and take him out on walks in a stroller and interact with him as though he was our very own very hairy baby. 
I blame Planet of the Apes for his extremely uncooperative reaction.


  1. Ha ha!! Oh i can imagine the conversation that occured about that monkey between the two of you ;) glad you are doing well. PS: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for your sweet package. Hope you got the pictures of Havyn in her cute sleeper that Auntie Leah bought her! :) (Jory insisted that we refer to you as Auntie Leah :) so i hope you are okay with that!) Love ya!

  2. I love that! Auntie Leah it is!! Seriously cannot wait to meet her. Load you blog up with pictures heather, load it up!


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