Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning for me feels more like this incessant urge to re-do, replace, and remodel every inch of our home to better suite our current selves.
These urges are impeded by the fact that we are renters, not owners, so there is very little we can actually change structurally, although the urges refuse to acknowledge this fact and persist regardless.
Oh and money, the urges are also impeded by money.
Or lack of money I guess I should say.
Because we don't have any.
These post graduates are pouring every extra cent into paying back student loans.
It's awesome.
If your definition of awesome is sarcastic and reads more like incredibly painful.
But tax returns are always a fun windfall, and this year we allotted ourselves a portion of the loot for sheer pleasure spending.
This little allotment funded our recent anniversary trip to New Mexico. more about it here, here, and here.
Side-note: our anniversary trips are always produced within the confines of 750 bones.
I don't know where we came up with that number, but it's stuck.
And because it was enough to produce my all time favorite trip to San Fransisco more here, here, here & here., I feel like we need never spend more than that.
And the rest of that pleasure spending amount is funding little updates around the house.
I'm just itching to make beautiful absolutely everything!!
And with summer fast approaching some exciting updates to our patio is very near the top of that list.
With todays rain it's just all sad looking like this.

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