Day Two


 Picture taken and post written my second day in the country
My first morning I couldn't sleep a wink past 3:30. Thank you jetlag!

Tonight, despite being sleepy all day, my goal is to stay awake until at least 10 oclock.  Last night I barely made it past 9. I hope this strategy will afford me a longer sleep. There is only so much you can do at such an ungodly a.m. hour.

But when I get home at around 8 after a day full of meetings  --through which I drink gallons of water in the struggle to keep myself awake -- a very big part of me just wants to snuggle right down into the pillows, burrow into the blankets and fall fast asleep. But I try to rely on the other more organized and responsible part of myself to snap me out of it - it's for my own good of course - and keep me awake with all the unpacking I have been aching but too tired to actually do. 

Turns out neither parts of me were a match for the part of me longing to walk the cobblestone streets and narrow winding stairs surrounding our new home with a camera in tow. Funny, isn't it, how easily 15 minutes can melt into an hour?

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