How Switzerland Happened

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I hadn't planned on going on a hike on that particular day.
It was just an inkling I had while driving home that morning.
A little thought that popped into my head.
I almost didn't listen to it.

Not because I didn't want to.
It was a perfect day for a hike, a beautiful sunny spring day.
But I hadn't planned for it and I didn't have a water bottle.
And I was parched just thinking about how hot and dry it can be hiking in Utah.
So instead I turned to go home.
"I'll just grab one," I thought, "and then be on my way."
But the inkling was a persistent one.

The hills and mountains seemed to be calling me, beckoning me to them.
And so I u-turned right in front of the Aggie Ice Creamery.
Smiling and delighted at the thought of an impromptu hike, I drove happily along to a little trail I love.
How clever I was, I mused, to have come up with this idea so suddenly.
And hike I did. And it was indeed hot. And I was indeed thirsty.
And after about 10 minutes on this windy, root stridden, tree covered trail I happened upon a friend from school.
A friend hiking with her dad.

They had just happened to think a very similar thought a little earlier in the morning.
And then had just happened to hike this particular trail.
And had just happened to be discussing language teaching right before we stumbled upon each other.
And then she just happened to mention in passing my recent graduation from this very program.
And he just happened to inquire about my future plans in the field.
To which I just happened to respond by expressing my hopes of someday teaching abroad.
To which he just happened to mention an opening for a teaching position in the department where he worked at a prestigious boarding school in Switzerland.
And then the principle just happened to be coming through Logan Utah the following week.
And we just happened to be able to sneak a quick interview in during his family vacation.
And thus was born our Switzerland adventure.

Tender mercy indeed!


  1. Replies
    1. Right? It felt like a precious gift. Still feels that way actually.

  2. Replies
    1. Aw, your welcome. It really is a tender mercy for us right now.

  3. i love this kind of story. I love how meant to be it is that you are there! You seriously need to write a book!

    1. I don't doubt for a second that it is. Perhaps not for any huge eternal reason, but I think Heavenly Father just knew how much I would love it.


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