You know what can feel overwhelming? 
Trying to document three months of living and traveling around Europe, that's what.
And so, as I tend to do in most cases when I start to feel overwhelmed, I simply haven't begun.
But without a lot of words or explanations, I give you Verona.
One of our favorite Italian cities that we almost missed out on but now are so relieved that we got to see.
From a clock tower no less.

(Travel tip: clock towers are one of our very favorite next-to-free things to do in any European city. I promise, every city has one and they are always practically free. Usually they are less advertised and low in tourists so you are usually alone up there and they provide one of the best views of any city. We'd usually budget for about an hour and a half when we'd go, and we always try to be there on the hour (plug your ears), sometimes with a wee picnic and always with a camera.)

Outside of "Juliette's" balcony thousands of couples in love have left their initials using gum and graffiti on this wall. 
We joined them. Our's is the little green one by the band aid. 
So we could easily find it later of course. 

I never knew how much I always wanted to visit here.
It was easily one of the prettiest and most loveable cities!
Also, Ryan is a rockstar for driving all over Italy like a total pro.
This is no easy feat I tell you.
I mean, just look at how tiny these streets are.


  1. while I'm in love with the way you captured this whimsical city, I'm totally freaked out by the bandaid and the mime.... hahha

    1. Ha! I know. We put our gum by the band aid so we can find it again when we are there next. And the mime? Way freakier in person. He would follow people around right behind them, like almost touching them close, and imitate anything they were doing. It was hilarious and completely terrifying at the same time. Also, he made his flower wilt every time he put it in my face for me to smell it. Rude! I secretly loved him though, I made Ryan stop and watch him with me for almost an hour.

  2. LOVE these pictures. You have a way of capturing the best little details. Its makes me feel like I can get a taste of the city. And the mime was super creepy! But I still loved the picture.

    1. Thanks Kachiri. So creepy right? But in a completely awesome way.


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