What I Probably Miss Most

Is riding tandem on our little scooter, affectionately known as put-put, through the streets of Switzerland.
With the sun usually setting, the smell of grapes usually heavy on the air, the wind usually through my hair, and my arms almost always wrapped tightly around the only man I'd probably ever trust to drive with me on back.

And we'd take our time about exploring every little street, finding any excuse to extend our ride.

Along the lake, to neighboring villages, down the steepest of hills, to cool parks, to new markets, to old buildings, through familiar neighborhoods and new ones, to that one church, to our favorite graveyard.
Stopping, of course, to explore whenever the fancy hit.

Taking self portraits at full speed is no easy task, but it had to be done.


  1. these shots are sooo-o cool leah. now that you are back in zion we should get together for lunch or something. i'd love to hear about your travels.

    1. Thanks Mercedes. Are you back in Utah yourself? Last I remember you had moved out of state. We definitely should get together!!

  2. Sounds amazing! I would have loved that. Exploring is the best. PS: you look absolutely beautiful! Miss you guys! Seriously, skype soon?!

    1. Maybe when we come to SC we should rent some. :) And thanks, we miss you guys too. Hope your Christmas is wonderful, and seriously SKYPE!!!


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