Canada/Portland Road Trip

Last night around six we arrived home after a total of 38 hours spent in our car. 
And of all the road trips I have enjoyed in my lifetime, let me tell you this one was hands down the funnest, craziest, largest, most chaotic, busiest, longest, and most memorable of them all. 

It was not without it's hiccups of course. 
Our tire blew out, our battery died, I got some awfully painful stinging nettle on my arm (it felt like a row of bee stings), we got lost and turned around more than a few times, and 3/6 of our caravan of vehicles were issued rather expensive parking tickets, including us. 

But somehow none of that dampened the overall experience. 
Nope, it may have even added to the adventure of it all.

It's hard to pinpoint what exactly made this trip so much fun, because heaven knows coordinating activities and lodging and meals for nineteen people is no small or easy task. 
But it was grand let me tell you. Grand!!

And this is about to get real mushy, but more than once I got teary just basking in the glow of having all the people I love most in the world gathered together in one place creating such sweet and happy memories.  
I know, I know. I'm a sentimental sap. 

And I fought every natural instinct that makes picture taking so difficult when you are busy and having the most fun, and tried really hard to document it all along the way on instagram.  
But it was great to finally get some of my canon pictures uploaded today and relive some of my favorite moments.  
Beach day for example. 

These two were regular beach-combing buddies.
And these jelly fish were the weirdest ever and scattered all over the beach. 
Two full weeks with our nieces and nephews was pretty much the funnest ever. 
Just look at those adorable squishy faces!!
I made 20 bucks getting into this insanely freezing cold water.  And I'd do it again. 
How cute are they two days before their big wedding day?! Am I right? 
 Cold or not, my love is never happier than when on the beach.
Pretty sure that is why he and our niece Avery are such good friends, they spent a lot of time exploring together. 
Like a true Remington this one os pretty passionate about her food. 

** Wedding pictures coming soon!


  1. looks so fun. i made a point of actually clicking on your blog this time. :) so fun getting together. xoxo.

    1. Ha! Awesome, thanks. :) It was insanely fun, and it was also so fun hanging with you so much in Canada too. We'll have to do that more often.


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