Wish List

When Ryan asked for birthday gift ideas this year, I realized every single idea I came up with ended up being baby related. 
Which makes sense, since we are planning on having one around here sometime soon.
But because our baby-centered lives haven't begun just yet, I've been brainstorming lovely things I'd adore having around just for me, no baby required. 
The result is that I'd also be delighted with any of these. 

a.) This Williams-Sonoma apron - Perfect, right? 
I've never owned a full apron and I'm constantly 
dirtying up my shirts in the kitchen. 
That, or sometimes I wrap that 1/2 apron up really high. 
But then, of course, it looks sort of silly. 

b.) A couple of these Chalk-board pencils - Because I'm always 
writing quotes on our chalkboard and 
these would make them turn out so much prettier. 

c.) This gorgeous smelling Anthropology candle - Love the scent, love the jar.

d.) This book - it looks awesome & so relevant - It's all about 
Nia's adoption and coping with instant motherhood. 
I'm thinking it would help prepare me for what is ahead. 
Also I've heard it's really funny. 

e.) I'm always needing Refills for my polaroid camera - And black and white's are so-so pretty!

f.) One or two of these lovely blankets from target - We have two guest beds 
tucked in the corner of our nursery and a couple of these would look gorgeous in there. 
Especially because they double as a day-bed 80% of the time 
and these aren't too frilly but really warm. 


  1. Love those chalkboard pencils! I had no idea those even existed!! Now I want them too!

    1. I know, right? Aren't they amazing? Genius really.


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