Thomas's First Christmas

Christmas. It's my favorite time of year. For a long time it's also been a hard time of year. Watching siblings and friends create fun traditions and magical memories with their kids while yearning to do the same thing with kids of our own.

But this year I got to. It was my first christmas as a mom, Ryan's first christmas as a dad, Thomas's first christmas ever. It made this an epically big year for us. And it was such a long time coming. It was so longed for. So anticipated.

Baby Thomas permeated every second of the holiday with an extra dose of joy. He made christmas fuller and sweeter. And I was just overflowing with love for this little baby of mine, for this little family of mine. I was overwhelmed with all the firsts we got to experience together, all the traditions we are establishing. My heart was bursting with joy the whole Christmas season in a way I could never fully describe.

This baby of ours has made our lives better in every single way, and he has absolutely no idea! 


We gave Thomas his Christmas gifts from us before we left and were worried about Christmas morning being anticlimactic, so we picked up this "frosty" balloon from Santa. Best decision ever! He loved it.

Also, turns out we had absolutely nothing to worry about, he got spa-oiled by cousins, aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles, grandma & grandpa (especially grandma & grandpa) and even great grandparents. It was really so touching for us! He is certainly loved.  


All that family time, delicious food, and late-night game playing didn't hurt things either. It was just a really good Christmas! 


He couldn't quite figure out these food packs at first, so this is how he ate them. Haha! He had us in stitches every single time! Like a little bird that one. 


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