Tommy's First Birthday

We've killed every plant we've ever owned within three months.
But wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, we've kept a human baby alive for an entire year (and counting) and that alone feels like a giant cause for celebration!
We began the day with our long-standing breakfast in bed tradition (milk) and a crib full of balloons.


He loved it... until he didn't. 

 That night we celebrated with a Peter Rabbit birthday dinner. 
My brother and his wife drove all the way from Canada to be there. 
Ryan's brother, our nephew, and a few of our good friends joined us as well. 
It was a perfectly simple and lovely way to commemorate the day!

The Menu:

honey blackberry milk

mixed berries

lettuce wraps & rice
(filling: ground turkey, chestnuts, mushrooms, onions, & shredded carrots)

carrot cake & maple cream cheese frosting


He got a little wheelbarrow, toddler sized garden tools, and a wee watering can for his presents.
And the little puppy is from his birth mom.
He was also happily spoiled by so many others with numerous books, clothes, and toys that have entertained him to no end.
We really have such a sweet, generous circle of family and friends and we love you all!
He won't remember any of it but it meant the absolute world to us.
Is anything in the whole world cuter or more entertaining than watching a baby enjoy his first taste of cake? Honestly though!!


You've made our whole world lighter and brighter little love, happy first birthday! 


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